Suitable Clothes to Wear When Visiting Sri Lanka

January 26, 2024

The Sri Lankan Rupee is the only legally accepted currency in Sri Lanka. Even if you have commonly used currencies such as USD, GBP, or EUR, there are only an extremely limited number

Yes…..It is one of the least thing to think if you are planing to visit a Tropical Country. No big jumpers, No winter coats, No body warmers, No duets needed if you are travelling to Sri Lanka. Well… me you can survive only with shorts and skinnies if you are not travelling hill countries. The worst can be in there is just below under 10 degrees at late night. During the rainy season it is not going to be too cold anywhere in the country. Therefore make sure to have light clothes and lighter bag to enjoy the tropical atmosphere. Most importantly why don’t you try your best fashions during this fantastic holiday season.

Keep in mind !!! there might be some restrictions to cover your body when you visit temples.

Well……there are couple of things to be remembered if you wish to travel some of the rich cultural destinations of the country. Since most of these areas are religious; Buddhist or Hindu related places you might be asked to cover up your body if you are wearing a short and/or a skinny. This is a strict rule when you visit Temple of Tooth Relic Kandy or Dambulla Ancient Temple, Historical temples in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura etc.

My advice is enjoy the weather as much as you can and keep a separate sheet or cloth to cover up your body whenever it is needed.

Beaches and swimming pools are going to be the best experience of your holiday in a tropical paradise. Make Sure to have all your swim suits, bikinis ready with relevant cosmetics. Average temperature can be from 25 to 33 celsius during a sunny day in the beachside. Of course it is well enough to make your skin color to be tanned, and remember to have a sun protection cream with you too.

This is just a general advice about the clothes to pack up when you are coming to Sri Lanka for a holiday, but this can be varied to particular itinerary you get from your Tour Operator. We at FeelSL advise individually to our clients about their itinerary.

We do not mind to share our experiences if you need any. Feel free to comment below or just drop us an email to

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