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January 26, 2024

In order to make a thing perfect, every little space need to be filled. When it comes to the hospitality it does matter. Otherwise you will keep some memories but you will feel that you did not get what you expected. “Ani Villas: It’s all yours” is a concept of make things perfect and beat your expectations. Ani Villa – Sri Lanka, the world renowned brand is in Sri Lanka to offer its ultra luxury facilities with Sri Lankan hospitality services.

Lets Start – Heading to down south town Dikwella, Sri Lanka. 

Where can we start? May be from architecture…. No… Let’s have a simple start….. You may come after a long flight and a long drive and of course to a different country. Home is far and you need to refresh yourself so badly. I am sure a friendly Sri Lankan smiley face will comfort you first. That helps you to get down from your vehicle. But at “Ani Villa – Sri Lanka” that is just a start of welcoming you. Lighting an oil lamp by all your friends and family is the best feeling of welcome I have ever had. Noise of the sea at dark atmosphere with small bulbs all around the garden will give you one of the best initial impressions.

Pleasant and active group of staff led by General Manager of Ani Villas – Sri LankaYeshi Phuntsho start their service right after they receive your inquiry. They are in a mode to give their best service to you. Familiarising the place and creating meals, excursions, special arrangements, will feel you like they are staying in your place. Of course it says clearly “It’s all yours”


Stay at Ani Villa


Scenic view of my bed room is the most amazing thing in this property for me. I really love to have a long view from my bed room. Amazing sight of beautiful Indian Ocean’s horizon is the best for a energetic morning. Tropical Sri Lankan down south may be difficult without Air conditioning even with the sea breeze, comfortable extra-large rooms with spread air-conditioning machine may feel like you are waking up in a spring morning.

I had a chance to visit a few rooms where my friends stayed. The common thing in all of them was focusing on stunning ocean and securing the privacy. Renowned seaside boutique property architecture Reda Amalou and his team on AW2 has given extra value to the Sri Lankan ocean giving unique sight of the ocean to the guests who are staying in the property. All the rooms and common areas like bar, living pavilions, event pavilions and other places have located in the perfect place to get the best view and matching to the uneven landscape.

If you are staying in the property, you do not see the staff everywhere like in a star class hotel. But whenever you need them, one of 30 members with you in a second in a happy to serve mode. Positivity among the staff of Ani Villas is exceptional.


Beach in front of the Ani Villa- Dikwella

I am sure the beautiful swimming pool and surrounding area is the place you spend most of your time here. The perfectly designed infinity swimming pool is not only comforts you but gives you a stunning photographic view. If you are a sunbathing fan, this is one of the ideal places, and a cold beer or properly made cocktail from Achala from the bar will entertain you throughout the day.

It is absolutely All Yours. Any type of food and a huge collection of liquor and wines are all of them to you. I am sure anyone will fine a great homemade food collection including Jam, Marmalade, and ice-creams. They are precisely homemade as the well-experienced chef Cyril and the team enthusiastically make them inside the premises. They are happy to make any special dishes upon your request.

The all-inclusive availability of smart TVs in your bedroom is another great thing in this place. You have several Satellite TV channels and Netflix to enjoy and more especially unlimited download on the i-tune store is quite interesting as well. High-speed internet in each room will never let down your expectations.

Ani Villa – Luxury oceanfront villa in Dickwella in Sri Lanka can be booked on a villa basis. There are two separate villas, the larger one is Villa Monara with 8 bedrooms and a minimum of 6 bedrooms need to be booked. Villa Divia contains 7 bedrooms and a minimum of 4 bedrooms need to be booked. The price range starts from $ 3750 and $ 15000 for the entire property during the peak time.


At the end of the review let me finish with the fascinating story behind this ultra-modern luxury villa. Tim Reynolds, the founder of Jane Street Capital (a global proprietary trading firm) changed his life when he met artist Anthony Waichulis with the concept of “Great artists aren’t born, they’re educated”. He started Ani Art Academy and Ani Villas were established to fund this amazing art academy. You can find Ani Art Academies wherever you find luxury Ani Villas. Sri Lankan Ani Art Academy is being built at the moment. They conduct a year-intensive art curriculum at the academy. There are several renowned artists have been already made from these academies in the world.

(The writer stayed at Ani Villas as a familiarisation tour organised for a travel agency on December 2016)

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