Sustainable Tour Operators in Sri Lanka

January 26, 2024

As a company supporting the sustainable development goals set by the UN and focusing on the goals related to the tourism industry, we are delighted to share our business model of the “360 Sustainable Approach” in the travel industry of Sri Lanka.

Please find below a few of the good things you will be contributing to.

Fair Pay Policy

  1. We are maintaining a fair-pay policy which means all the parties involved in your tour were paid fairly not just by considering the industrial payment policies but considering their life standards which is well above the industry average.

Support the Local Economy

  1. We are very much interested in promoting local owned independent hotels if they fit in to your requirements. This is to make sure the benefits of the tourism industry among locals.
  2. Most of the employees of the hotels that you are staying, are local and coming from rural backgrounds. Tourism industry in Sri Lanka is one of the main industries which has the potential to eradicate poverty.

Concern on Environment

  1. our tour arrangements have minimum usage of papers as most of the arrangements are done electronically.
  2. We have tried to use minimum plastic for your tour and plastic water bottles you will use will be sent to a recycling plant.

Finally it’s you…

  1. We will ensure that the price you will pay is fair and without large profit margin. You will receive our best service as we do not have any competition or hunger for profits.
  2. We are strongly against the tourist traps which are common in the developing countries like ours. None of these are included in our travel itineraries.
  3. Your highest satisfaction and the guilty free holiday is our ultimate target

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